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What People Are Saying About Us...

I spent 6 days in mid-February 2016 at The Gerson Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine Panchakarma Clinic and now only two month later have achieved all of my health goals. My main complaints were six months of progressive instability and muscle stiffness (diagnosed not to be Multiple Sclerosis), insomnia (>10 years), prostatic hypertrophy symptoms, zero libido, and just feeling lackluster generally. Current status: I am home, back at work, feeling great. I now sleep well for 6 - 7 hours now, I feel alert and most importantly, my strength and balance is 90% better. I lost 10 lbs in six weeks and my libido, which before was an infrequent visitor, is now back full force.

I would best describe my time here in West Palm Beach not as Ayurvedic treatment but as Ayurvedic "CARE". The service here is palpably different from other holistic centers. Here, you really feel Dr. Gerson’s Ayurvedic and medical expertise and extensive experience being focused on you because you are the only patient there. Our lunchtime chats were of great value. Also, the Panchakarma therapists and staff truly care for your well-being. Not just delivering treatments and sending you home, but caring about your needs. I am surprised at my commitment to maintain my new healthy habits, even with my stressful job schedule.

My biggest concern initially was that Dr. Gerson does not yet offer residential accommodations or dinner, like I read he did in New York. I was worried that it would be challenging to figure this out on my own. I can reassure you - it will be easy! West Palm Beach is beautiful and has everything you might need close by - food, accommodation, beach, yoga, great places for walks.

From a patient's new to Ayurveda perspective, don't worry about these things -  if you have a health issue just go! Dr. Gerson is a brilliant, wonderful and kind doctor; he is that rare person with the both mind and heart of a true healer. You will not regret it :)


Feb 16-22 (this review April 10)  
James M., Akron, Ohio, Real Estate, 


I returned last week from Dr. Scott Gerson’s wonderful new private Panchakarma facility in his home office in West Palm Beach Florida. Dr. Gerson has been my Ayurvedic and primary care physician for over 10 years and I’ve experienced Panchakarma seven or eight times at his old center in New York. This was by far the most special Panchakarma I’ve had to date…for several reasons. The first is that while I’ve always been comfortable at the “group” Panchakarma retreats, this one—with me as the sole patient—provided a level of care and tranquility that made it truly an individualized treatment experience. Dr. Gerson has lunch (simple but delicious!) with you every day after the 2-3 hour treatments (this was a longer time than I recall having in NY). Then I took an Uber back to my hotel (Hampton’s Inn, 10 minutes away on Vista Pkwy) and relaxed by the pool and napped the rest of the afternoon. Did my oil enema in the evening after dinner.

But what really set this PK apart for me was that the therapists working on me were the most skillful and pleasant therapists I’ve ever had—including many at high-end resorts. Dr. Gerson has done an extraordinary job choosing and training them. Also for two of the days, Dr. Gerson himself participated in giving me my treatments which was an unexpected bonus. He changed the intensity and style of the four-handed massage and the steam treatment and herbalized mud was also different (read: more intense) than before. In short, the therapies really felt more “intentionally medical” than spa-like and I was very, very pleased with the care I received. I plan on returning twice each year.

April 2, 2016
Cindy F., New York City, Public Relations


I received six consecutive days of Panchakarma treatments in early June 2016 with Dr. Scott Gerson.

I have been struggling with mood swings, severe anxiety, depression, and fatigue ever since an emergency abdominal surgery in Nov. 2015. With Dr. Gerson’s expert and compassionate care, I am now, two weeks later, completely free of any of those symptoms. I am happy and focused, and feel better than I have in six months.

I received not only authentic Panchakarma treatments, but a lot of support, emotional and physical and spiritual, as I was still dealing with complications from the surgery.

Dr. Gerson and his delightful wife Rossi, who also trained in India and is an excellent PK therapist and Ayurvedic cook, helped me to release and surrender to the holistic and healing process that is possible through Panchakarma. There was no stone left unturned in the information, education and even the herbs and oils I was sent home with to continue. The benefits of PK have continued and I feel better and better. I now have complete faith in the process of healing of that has begun, in large part because I could sense in Dr. Gerson his sincerity, medical knowledge and experience as a Physician and the results of his decades of study, research and practice of Panchakarma.

Karen F., Consultant and Patient Advocate, Washington DC vicinity   


I am new to Ayurvedic medicine and did Panchakarma with Dr. Gerson.

He makes you feel like family. He and his assistant are so in tune with each other as they administer the treatment—its truly awesome. With Dr. Scott Gerson you get the best of both worlds: Eastern medicine and conventional Western medicine. He spends so much time explaining what the treatments are and how they work and why they work. He is also an expert herbalist which a great addition and necessary for complete Panchakarma treatment. I have never felt better and I will return in 6 months as recommended. I can't wait and I have explained to others who now would like to experience Panchakarma too. He's the best you won't be sorry.

Thank you Dr. Gerson for all you have done for me!

June 2016, Freddy Lesto, Neptune, NJ 


I recently attended (January 2016) a six-day private Panchakarma retreat organized and administered by Dr. Scott Gerson. As a Physician’s Assistant who has studied Ayurveda with Dr. Lad and others for many years and teach Ayurvedic principles at a large anti-aging center in Tennessee where we provide Panchakarma services, I felt I was well-versed in Ayurveda and Panchakarma. When I arrived at The Gerson Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine and had my first exchange with Dr. Scott Gerson, I realized how superficial my understanding of clinical Ayurveda actually was. The reason for my seeking medical treatment with Dr. Gerson was for relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis which I’ve watched gradually worsen over the past 7 years. I had read about the Ayurvedic approach to multiple sclerosis in an article written by Dr. Andrew Weil. Upon examining and speaking with me, Dr. Gerson was able to not only understand the precise nature of my condition (he listed several very unusual symptoms that I was experiencing before I even told him) but then explained them to me from a very deep and detailed Ayurvedic perspective in a way which anyone could understand. He made me realize that there was potential to halt and even partially reverse some of the function this disease had robbed me of.

Normally I would review the practical aspects of my experience in Dr. Gerson’s West Palm Beach facility and write comments regarding the extremely professional treatments (much longer and more intense than I’d been accustomed to but still pleasant), the incredible Ayurvedic meals (prepared by the doctor’s wife), and the comfortable accommodations (Hamptons Inn, 5 minute drive from Dr. Gerson). However, I would like to focus this review on what has transpired with my medical condition over the past six months since I left Panchakarma.

I arrived at Dr. Gerson’s using a walker which I’d finally been forced to do about three months prior due to weakness in my left lower leg. My right leg was also beginning to become weaker and numb. I was also experiencing balance problems, constipation, and very annoying urinary frequency. Perhaps most disturbing was that I was experiencing definite deficits in memory, retention of simple information, and inability to focus like before and I was very depressed.

During the six days of treatments and conversation with Dr. Gerson (in retrospect these were counseling sessions), I did experience a significant lessening of many of these symptoms. Some however became worse (constipation, frequent urination, and a new right arm tingling), but Dr. Gerson was prepared for this and knew how to manage all of them expertly. Herbal medicines were provided during the program as needed and as part of the “exit” recommendations. I left the Panchakarma in January 2016 feeling very strong, stable, and emotionally recharged.

OK. It is now about six months later. My state of health is almost unrecognizable from before. I never need the walker anymore and my balance is nearly normal, as is my coordination in general. My bowel movements are probably 85% improved and my urinary frequency is still there but MUCH less of a problem. My emotions and mental function have never been this good—even before my MS diagnosis. I attribute all of these improvements to my body’s own intelligence—which Ayurveda and Dr. Gerson help me recover and re-direct. Ayurveda has changed my life and I will continue learning and living by its principles forever. Thank you Dr. Gerson and staff.

January 2016 attendee, Francine J., Physician’s Assistant, Knoxville, Tennessee  


It's difficult to put into words how incredible my first Panchakarma experience was with Dr. Gerson and his staff,  so I will express it in two words, "LIFE CHANGING".

Dr Gerson's knowledge and wisdom of Aryvedic Medicine was superior. Dr Gersons staff and therapists are all very professional, talented, well trained, and nurturing.

This was by far one of the best experiences of my life.  I feel a  "reset" button was hit for me and now I have the knowledge and tools going forward to manage my health issues and keep my body in balance.

July 2016, CJ, Washington, DC 


Great experience!!

I had been sick for 6 years despite seeing numerous medical specialists. No one could figure out what was wrong. I was losing hope when I discovered Dr. Scott Gerson, M.D., Ph.D. (Ayu) here in Florida. His knowledge of Western and Ayurvedic medicine is impressive but even more so were his and his assistant Rossi's total commitment, care and concern for my health.

After specialized treatment--an individualized Panchaarma program--and now following Dr. gerson's advice, I feel great again.

I certainly plan on utilizing his medical advice in the future. Thanks again for everything.

August 2016, Christine Chevalier, Sarasota, FL.


I recently attended a six-day medically-supervised Panchakarma treatment with Dr. Scott Gerson, M.D., Ph.D. Dr. Gerson uses Ayurveda to compliment my chemotherapy.  I was diagnosed in 2013 as stage four/inoperable and have been on chemotherapy for over a year.  Ayurveda detoxified my body of the chemicals and yeast build up and improved my quality of life.  The therapies not only addressed my physical body; they addressed my mind and spirit as well.  As of now my cancer is stable.  I have more energy and I am sleeping and eating better.  My quality of life is excellent and my oncologist is very pleased.  Dr. Gerson is a rare gem and I consider myself lucky to have found him.

October 2016, Michele Seltman, Jupiter, Florida, Cancer Thriver


I recently attended a private Panchakarma treatment for six days at The Gerson Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine. Prior to going there I knew little about Ayurveda and had only met with the doctor one time for evaluation of a serious chronic disabling condition I have suffered with for over 14 years. Though skeptical by nature, I was impressed with Dr. Scott Gerson’s knowledge of Ayurveda and how he applies this very old system to modern diseases. So with some reluctance but much hope I attended my first Panchakarma after preparing for it at home for about a month.

One of the best features of this experience starts from the time you arrive--you get the full attention of the doctor. I don't care for groups so I was happy to attend in private (actually semi-private which was fine). Although ultimately there were 2 other (wonderful!) patients having treatments after me each morning, I was able to have as much time throughout the week with the doctor as I needed. We all shared lunch, including the doctor, which was very nice. The food served during Panchakarma was simply delicious and consisted of grains, dals and different vegetable dishes.

My accommodations were at the Hamptons Inn. There were two to choose from. One was twenty minutes from Dr. Gerson the other 5 minutes but a little more costly but not that bad ($165/night). I chose the close one, but I understand from one of the other patients that the further one was comfortable too. Dinners every night were at one of the many nearby healthy choices around West Palm Beach (Indian, Thai, etc).

The treatments themselves were like nothing I’ve ever experienced before though I’ve had a lot of bodywork. The massage oils used were herbalized and Dr. Gerson changed them several times throughout the week. Some of the techniques used surprised me in how effective they were the next day given their gentle nature. I had a strange (but pleasant) experience from the forehead oil drip on the third day (a kind of “vision” which I never have had before), but was reassured it was normal. Dr. Gerson and his assistant obviously knew how to give Panchakarma treatment in depth. Now its only been weeks since I left and my chronic problem is definitely improved. Nothing else has ever helped it in the slightest way for more than a few days. I will continue to follow Dr. Gerson’s Ayurvedic advice and hope for even more improvement. I plan to return for Panchakarma in six months. Thank you Dr. Gerson from the bottom of my heart.

Francine S, Financial Services, Verona, WI, Jan 2017  


I recently took part in Panchakarma treatment at The Gerson Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine in Wellington, Florida. In the past I had experienced Panchakarma with Dr. Gerson for shorter 3-day periods when he was in Brewster, New York. Based on the effectiveness and enjoyment of those experiences, I did not hesitate to travel to South Florida to attend a more extensive six-day Panchakarma. My husband accompanied me and we stayed at the Hamptons Inn in West Palm Beach which was simple but quite nice. My husband drove me everyday to Dr. Gerson's clinic about 20 minutes away.My aim for coming to Panchakarma was to have a deep and thorough detoxification and rejuvenation. And I was not disappointed! The treatments were even more amazing than I recalled with Dr. Gerson and his senior assistant delivering them with such expertise and complete attention and caring. Wonderful, complex herbal oils, pastes, muds, and other medicinal preparations were made specially for each patient's medicl needs (there were 2 other people having Panchakarma when I was there). Each day the treatments were changed according to my bodily and emotional needs. As a "bonus" each day after the treatments, a delicious, healthy, Ayurvedic meal was freshly prepared which we all had along with Dr. Gerson. Throughout the whole time, Dr. Gerson was available for consultation and counsel. Now one month after completing the treatments, I feel wonderful and healthy. I look forward to doing it again next year and in years to come.

B.P., Brooklyn, NY, February 2017


“I was completely unprepared for the far-reaching restorative, multi-day Panachakarma experience.  Dr. Gerson and his competent, friendly staff created a calm, safe, comforting environment.  Allowing me to enter a nurturing bubble of care apart and removed from daily life’s turmoil, into a supportive place where I could receive the benefits of Panachkarma therapies.  Coming away feeling helped, understood, and strengthened with a greater awareness and clarity about my life has assisted my healing.”

Russel Wiese, NY, Financial Services, September 2017


My 9 day Panchkarma treatment was a most wonderful experience.  Knowing for years that the body is it's own best healer was a landmark experience to actually witness it. The body is interconnected and Dr. Gerson treats the body as a whole and individual.  To begin to experience change and progress before my final day was absolutely uplifting.  Dr. Gerson's constant attentiveness to all details, his expertise in Ayurveda, and being a MD gives for a trusting relationship.  And it was wonderful to be welcomed by his loving staff, Rossi, every morning.  

Susan Bacis, Real Estate Consultant, Tuscon, AZ, December 2017