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Chandanbala Laxadi Tailam (Massage Oil) 0.45 L/16.0 oz.

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This sublime Pitta-reducing massage oil is prepared from white sandalwood and is known to purify, sedate, and refresh the skin of the Pitta consitution which can be particularly sensitive to environmental irritants and prone to inflammation, rashes, and blemishes. This oil will help balance excess Pitta, promote the elimination of toxins, and create a feeling of invigoration. 16 oz./0.45 L

Chandanbala Laxadi Massage Oil contains the following ingredients:

Sveta Chandan (white sandalwood), Laksba, Bala, Yastimadhu, Ketaki, Sariva, Ela, Satapushpa, Usheer, Devadaru, Kostha, Aguru, Musta, Champaka, Tvak, Sesame Oil, Jojoba Oil, essential oils.

17.1 oz.(500 ml.) $30.50