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Ayurvedic teas

After over four years of formulation and re-formulation, we\'ve finally done it! We have created a unique, authentic line of Ayurvedic teas with true health benefits ...which tasteincredibly delicious. You have never tasted teas like this. These teas are packaged in 30 individual packets and have been formulated to completely dissolve in a cup of hot water using traditional natural extraction techniques, leaving no residue!

The composition of these teas are culled from the Astangahrydaya, Astangasangraha, Bhavaprakasa nighantu, Cakradatta, and other ancient texts. They represent more than just a combination of dosha-pacifying herbs and spices; they are prepared in precise proportions according to scriptural instruction. When a tea is properly blended, \"the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.\" We know you will enjoy these preparations and derive their intended benefits.

$19.95 each Ni-Vat Tea (Ni: reducing)
996 items in stock
$19.95 each Ni-Pit Tea (Ni: reducing)
987 items in stock
$19.95 each Ni-Kaf Tea (Ni: reducing)
998 items in stock
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