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Scott Gerson
Scott Gerson
M.D., Ph.D. (Ayurveda)  Ayurvedic Physician

Your one source for authentic Ayurvedic medicine treatments,
information and research

Dr. Gerson’s NYC Ayurvedic Consultation Schedule
Dr. Gerson will be returning to New York City to offer traditional Ayurvedic Consultations on Saturday January 9 and Sunday January 10, 2016 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. All consultations will be one full hour. As always, consultations will take place at:

TRS Professional Suites
40 Exchange Place (also known as 27 William St.)
New York, NY 10005

For scheduling, fees, payment methods, and further information please see the Personal Ayurvedic Consultation page.
Please Note: These will be traditional Ayurvedic consultations and not medical consultations.
It is not for the purpose of medical diagnosis or medical treatment and is not a substitute for medical care. Ayurveda is currently considered a form of complementary and alternative medicine in the United States. It is not licensed by the state of New York as a medical discipline or practice. All services provided are complementary or alternative to health care services provided by health care practitioners currently licensed by the State of New York. Ayurveda is complementary to and supportive of traditional western medicine as practiced in the United States.

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The National Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine

The Gerson Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine is located in West Palm Beach, Florida. This is where Dr. Scott Gerson, MD, M. Phil. (Ayu), PhD (Ayu) moved in 2015 after having his private medical practice and research activities in New York for over thirty years. Dr. Gerson is the Western world's foremost authority on the clinical use of Ayurvedic medicine in the treatment of difficult medical diagnoses. Dr. Gerson is a devoted and authentic vaidya (Ayurvedic scholar) and professor who received his training at the Tilak Ayurved Mahavidyalaya (Pune, India), lives an Ayurvedic lifestyle and still travels to India frequently....

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Ayurvedic Medical Consultation


Medical Consultation

All patients are examined in the traditional Ayurvedic manner. In addition, if warranted, blood tests, urine tests, cardiograms, CT scans and other modern diagnostic tools are used to clarify one's condition as much as possible. As in any authentic Ayurvedic as detailed below, may..

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Panchakarma Therapy



Panchakarma is the ancient system of Ayurvedic rejuvenation therapies designed to facilitate the removal of deep-rooted stresses and toxins in the physiology. Ayurveda recommends these cleansing therapies up to three times a year--at the change of seasons--in order to maintain well-being in ..

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Education Opportunities



Ayurveda.MD is very proud to offer a variety of excellent learning opportunities (see "Education" tab for complete list) which includes our bi-annual Advanced Ayurvedic Workshop. This Workshop is our response to the many students of Ayurveda over many years who have requested authentic and substantive hands-on training in Ayurveda ..Medicine..

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Ayurvedic Spa



We are proud to offer the highest quality of authentic Ayurvedic spas treatments seven days a week here at Ayurveda.MD. The following Ayurvedic Day Spa services are available by appointment seven days a week at Ayurveda.MD´s Puerto Plata facility..

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